Build your own $500 Buick racecar

The 24 Hours of LeMons series is utterly fascinating. The premise of racing $500 cars in an endurance race to win $1500 in nickels seems like it would hold zero appeal to anyone, yet many many people field teams to compete in these shows of automotive lunacy. This is the story of how I got started in this unlikely series.

My father and I started racing at our local asphalt circle track, progressing year by year though the classes. After ten years, countless hours, blood, and sweat we started winding down our racing commitment. We were approaching exhaustion in regards to racing and wanted to tone down our schedule. The prospect of devoting 22 weekends and nearly that many weekdays to another season of racing was less and less appealing. As this reality was setting in, I read about the 24 hours of LeMons series in Sport Compact Car magazine. It sounded like an automotive adventure and the schedule was pretty sporadic, so we could still fulfill our racing desires while keeping our annual time commitment low. This sounded like a good fit, so we built a car. We drew on our experience and built what we were comfortable with, a GMC G-Body car. They are the entry level cars at the circle track and closely model the LeMons rules, with minor changes we could adapt a car and go endurance racing. We called a racing buddy who ran a junkyard and located a police impound Buick Regal as a base to begin with.

Follow to the next page to see how this POS was transformed from a police impound project into an endurance racecar.

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Porsche Panamera throws its weight into touring racing

The brass in Stuttgart are always eager to show that they have designed cars that not only sell but can compete as well. The Panamera has been a new venture for Porsche into a category and a type of car that doesn’t seem at home on the track compared to their other models. Race drivers are supposed to see the competition in their rear view mirrors, not another row of seats. This slight anomaly hasn’t stopped Porsche in its desire to showcase the Panamera’s capabilities. N.Technology entered the 4 door Porsche into the Italian Supercar Touring series, where other V8 powered cars battle it out.

Continue on for details of the first race and video of the Italian Supercar series.

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