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Minnesota Cars & Cafe

I’ve been going to the local Cars & Cafe (the Cars & Coffee people in CA complained about the name) for a couple years and I’ve always enjoyed the variety of cars and enthusiasts that show up. It’s always a good time and the car count has grown exponentially in the time I’ve been going. It started at a coffee shop parking lot with 40 cars on a good day, and it’s now held at a sprawling automotive complex with upwards of 200 cars attending on a regular basis.

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I’ll Have My Z with Schnitzel Please..

Mercedes may power the next generation Z car, among others…

Ever since Nissan/Renault climbed into bed with Daimler/Chrysler, there have been rumors flying around everywhere. The question was always how close that relationship would be. Would we see another round of “How can we take a perfectly good platform and screw it up” as evidenced by the Chrysler Crossfire? Or would this partnership take a more ‘on paper’ approach to new models and design. Well, given this recent bit of information, it appears that there may be many new homes for Mercedes technology and design, but in a Z car? Is that a good idea? I guess it all depends, really…

There are reports that the Z’s VQ V-6 may start being phased out soon (this engine was introduced in 1995, meaning it’s already 15 years old). Replacing the VQ 3.7-liter V-6 in the Z may be a trio of Mercedes-Benz powerplants. The likely candidates are the E-Class’s V-6 diesel engine, a V-6 hybrid setup and quite possibly a V-8.

Now, that right there, while somewhat disheartening to the true Japanese sportscar enthusiast, has potential. Benz V8 in a Z car? Sign me up. (Could you imagine the terror you could strike into your tires with an AMG variant?) I’m not keen on the diesel idea, but if it would gain popularity in the States, then it would most definitely be a good option. German engineering meets Japanese design sounds good to me.

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