Minnesota Cars & Coffee – September 2013

Another month, another exceptional Minnesota Cars & Coffee held at the It seemed like the exotics were out in force this month, I’m sure the owners wanted to get in one last car show before the cars get garaged for the upcoming winter. I also took a few photos of a couple garage spaces there, some of them get pretty crazy. One had a model train that ran around the perimeter of the garage.

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Minnesota Cars & Coffee – August 2013

As crazy as it seems, the monthly Cars & Coffee show held at the AutoMotorPlex in Minnesota continues to grow. Last month’s holiday weekend on the 6th was a huge turnout but this month had more cars and people. I noticed a few more cars than usual with crazy power train swaps and I hope that trend continues. Quite a few other amazing cars showed up of every variety you could want and it was tough to see them all. Here’s a few I took pictures of.

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Minnesota Cars & Cafe – October 2011

Today was the last event of the 2011 Minnesota Cars & Cafe season held at the Automotorplex in Chanhassen. It was a really surprising way to wrap up the year as it seemed like every known exotic and unusual car made its way to the show. The brisk weather must have warned their owners to the onset of chilly temps, snow, salt and the dwindling chances to drive on decent roads.

The notable cars from the show is pretty astounding, I know there are ones I missed but the ones that stick out to me were the McLaren SLR, a pair of AMG SLS55 cars, 458 Italia, a GT40 kit car with a carbon fiber body, Plymouth Super Bird, signed Shelby Series 1, and a Corvette ZR1.All beautiful cars and I’m a little disappointed that I won’t see them all until spring. Enough rambling about what I saw and I’ll just show you.

April 2011 Cars & Cafe

Now that winter has finally loosened its crushing grip enough to allow people to remember what spring is, one of my favorite events to attend has returned. Cars & Cafe is a monthly car gathering that happens on the first Saturday of the month that attracts every imaginable variety of automotive spectacle in the state of Minnesota. There is always something new to see every time I make the drive to the Automotorplex, and this time wasn’t any different. The notable cars ran the gamut from a 2011 Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale, to a 1932 Ford Roadster, to a Monster Miata, to a Volvo with a Chevy V8 swap. Cars that would satisfy every type of enthusiast braved the road grime left behind by the melting snow. Even a decent number of motorcycles showed up, although I’m not sure I would have made the same decision knowing the temperature was only in the mid 30’s. All in all, it was a great gathering considering the weather and gives promise to another year of great mornings at Cars & Cafe.

September 2010 Cars & Cafe

I made my monthly sojourn to the AutoMotorPlex this weekend, in order to attend the Cars & Cafe for September. It was a great time, although it was a little chilly at 8am with fall fast approaching, but that was nothing a sweatshirt couldn’t handle. The turnout was great and I noticed many cars I had not seen before. I’ve come up with a theory after frequent attendance that about 3/4 of the cars that attend are regulars and only the remaining 1/4 are different each month. My theory was blown out of the water this month and it was a very nice treat as some serious machines I had not seen before were on display.

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Minnesota Cars & Cafe

I’ve been going to the local Cars & Cafe (the Cars & Coffee people in CA complained about the name) for a couple years and I’ve always enjoyed the variety of cars and enthusiasts that show up. It’s always a good time and the car count has grown exponentially in the time I’ve been going. It started at a coffee shop parking lot with 40 cars on a good day, and it’s now held at a sprawling automotive complex with upwards of 200 cars attending on a regular basis.

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