Awesome Mercedes 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe sculpture

The German Giganten aus Stahl (“Giants of Steel”) trio of Peter Brakel, Armin Ciesielski and Walter Willer have created this meticulously detailed, life-sized Mercedes 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe sculpture from recycled steel junk, truck and automobile parts.

Best known for their movie industry themed sculptures the Steel Giants have a thing for automobiles as well. Spending seven months cutting, grinding and welding they have created a near perfect replica of the iconic supercar of the ’50s.

Pieces are being shown at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, including a Porsche Spyder, an Audi race car and some Easy Rider sculptures.

The reported asking price of this sculpture is near $100,000 which is just a mere fraction of the cost of buying one of the two of the existing Uhlenhaut Coupes.

Enjoy the photos. More information on the Mercedes 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe here and visit Giganten au Stahl here.

2011 Mercedes Benz AMG CLS 63

Prepped for launch in March of 2011:

It’s beautiful, powerful, and actually more environmentally friendly than the 6.2L AMG Monsters currently available….

It, like so many other new AMGs, will come outfitted with the new 5.5L Biturbo powerplant. Flashing over 550 hp and almost 600 lb/tf of torque, the new engine design is poised to do the business that AMG cars require.

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Shopping for an S-Class? Give it a minute…

…Or 5 years…

Based on a recent study, the S-Class Mercedes Benz will be worth roughly 16% of it’s original purchase price after 5 years. Specifically the S65.

A mind boggling 738 lb-ft. of torque and 604 horsepower from a turbocharged 6.0-liter V12 engine provides plenty of punch. The AMG-assembled V12 is so torquey that Mercedes beefy 7 speed Auto box wasn’t holding up, so a bulletproof 5 speed unit was used.
Couple that with endless features, the kind you’ll see on ‘normal’ cars in 10 years or so (Thanks TG for that statement!), incredible comfort, serious style, and the ability to whisk 5 adults and luggage away at great speed, and you have yourself a $200,000 car…..That in 5 years you can pick up for about $35,000.

We all know that cars tend to lose value over time, but some are far worse than others. If you’re shopping for something serious, buying a car that is a bit older, with a good, clean maintenance history, and perhaps the option for some extended factory or aftermarket warranty is the only way to go.

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Minnesota Cars & Cafe

I’ve been going to the local Cars & Cafe (the Cars & Coffee people in CA complained about the name) for a couple years and I’ve always enjoyed the variety of cars and enthusiasts that show up. It’s always a good time and the car count has grown exponentially in the time I’ve been going. It started at a coffee shop parking lot with 40 cars on a good day, and it’s now held at a sprawling automotive complex with upwards of 200 cars attending on a regular basis.

Make the jump to see the cars that showed up this month.

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Mercedes CLS Comes Off the Prduction Line For the Last Time.

…In it’s current form.

The last of this generation CLS was rolled off the Mercedes build line recently, ending it’s roughly 6 year run in present form. This is actually one of, if not THE, originator of the recent 4-door Coupe design fad. Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of the look and design of this car when it was introduced, but like a lot of things, it has grown on me. As I’ve said before, virtually anything AMG gets my vote, and the CLS was no exception. Not so sure I can come to grips with the incoming 2012 CLS looks (this sounds familiar, doesn’t it?) I dig the new grills and the emblem in the grill rather than on the hood, but that goes for all of the MB models in my opinion, so I don’t know if that really counts.

Apparently the last car to roll off the line was for an americal customer, who ordered the CLS550 with the AMG styling package (poser), leather and bi-xenon headlights (I though that stuff was standard?!) and a few other odds and ends. In short, nothing special.

2012 CLS Spy Photo:

(courtesy of World Car Fans )

9 Speed Gearbox from Mercedes Benz

And you thought 7 was too many. Pfft….

Ok, here’s the thing: I’m all about technology, forward thinking, change and improvements, but this may be a bit too much. I mean, how many is too many?

Mercedes was the company that brought us ABS.
Mercedes was the company that brought us Airbags.
Mercedes was the company that brought us the 7 speed Tiptronic transmission.
Mercedes tends to be a leader in the realm of invention when it comes to cars and technology. As the saying goes: ‘Want to see what will be standard equipment on cars 10 years from now, look at today’s Mercedes S Class’.

But 9 speeds? Seriously, 9 forward gears? Methinks that may be a bit much.

I had the opportunity to drive a Lexus ISF during a car shopping tour with a friend. Honestly, the 8 speed gearbox in that thing was at worst, down right aggravating, and at best, mildly annoying. The car makes great power, it’s fast, It changes gear lightning quick, and the power delivery is almost seamless when wide open. But come back to reality for a bit, find yourself in traffic, stop and go, or between the lights, and you want to start to pull your hair out a bit. The car shifts constantly. You know, like all the time…

I have love for Mercedes, and I lust after just about every AMG model in production. But until I hear or feel otherwise, I’m not sure this is a good idea. 9 speeds is a lot…
Mercedes was quoted as saying that 9 speeds seems to be the max a consumer would accept, and that 10 may not be technically possible. This transmission seems to be destined for the big body cars, and cars with Merc’s large displacement engines. (Please not AMG, please!)

Story, in short, here: EVO News