Latest project from Precision Chassis Works. Suby powered Radical.

After what seems like the longest few days of my life we have finished our latest Subaru swap. This time it was a JDM Spec C motor with a Porsche transaxle into a Radical SR3. This car started out powered by a stock Hayabusa motor with a final drive, and a sequential gear box. The whole thing weighed in at about 1300 lbs. The service life on the motor was very short (roughly 30 hours) and service costs were very high. Earlier in the year at Inde Motorsports Park the motor kicked a rod out of the block and the owner was at a cross roads. Seeing what PCW has done with our Boxster and Suby motor he was intrigued with the idea of Suby power in the Radical. It would be cheaper to maintain, far more reliable, and best of all much faster.

The project was cruising along a good pace until the owner decided he wanted to take the car to NASA Nationals in OH. At that point the project had to be kicked into high gear and the last few days have been a mad dash to finish the project but still keep a high level of quality. On Thur is didn’t look like it was gonna happen but we kept on pushing through the set backs (and there were a lot of them) until we got it to fire up for the first time. Even though that seemed like a huge step we still had a long way to go from a running engine to a fully functioning race car. This morning at about 11 AM after the longest 3 days of my life with only 5 hours of sleep Kent backed the Radical out under it’s own power. We put it on a trailer and set it off to get tuned. About an hour ago I got a text saying the car made 328/283 at the wheels. Keep in mind this car will only weight about 1500 lbs. To say it will be fast is an under statement.

The car was loaded on a trailer right after the dyno session and is on it’s way to OH for nationals.

Here are a few pics and videos I took with my phone in the last few days. I’ll see if Kent has anymore from the earlier stages of the car.

The entire build was done at Precision Chassis Works in Gilbert, AZ. (Official Facebook Page)
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