September 2010 Cars & Cafe

I made my monthly sojourn to the AutoMotorPlex this weekend, in order to attend the Cars & Cafe for September. It was a great time, although it was a little chilly at 8am with fall fast approaching, but that was nothing a sweatshirt couldn’t handle. The turnout was great and I noticed many cars I had not seen before. I’ve come up with a theory after frequent attendance that about 3/4 of the cars that attend are regulars and only the remaining 1/4 are different each month. My theory was blown out of the water this month and it was a very nice treat as some serious machines I had not seen before were on display.

As mentioned before, there were many highlights but a few cars stood out. I really enjoyed seeing the Porsche Carrera GT, a pair of Porsche GT3 RS cars, a Jaguar E Type with a Ford engine swap, an BMW E30 M3, an Alfa Romeo Giulietta, a pro touring first generation Camaro, a Monster Miata with a LS engine, and the motley collection of Lemons/Chumpcar endurance racers that attended. There were plenty of cars enthusiasts in attendance, as even the most obscure cars had admirers. There was a bittersweet atmosphere though, as this month marked one of the last nice days on which Cars & Cafe will be held and the return of the stars of the show to their respective winter storage spaces. All in all, it was a great time and I was glad to be in attendance to admire all of the fantastic cars of every nationality and era that were on display.

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