Pagani Huayra Story (Vid)

A fantastic look into Pagani and history/development of the Huayra.The attention to detail and choice of materials that went into creating this car is astounding. It’s almost as if they’ve thought of everything….What a fantastically beautiful machine.


Take a look at this wonderful documentary and see for yourself.


Also: Carbo-tanium= WIN!


Audi Quattro Concept First Drive

‘Anniversario’ – Code name for the Quattro Concept.

‘Sexy’- Code for “I am attracted to this car”.

‘Affordable’- Code for something that isn’t this car.

Audi has been trying to recreate the 1980’s Ur-Quattro hype for some time. Not many cars carry that kind of awe inspiring legacy, and trying to make that happen twice is a feat in and of itself. Have they done it? Hard to say now. The car looks good, is purported to tick all the right ‘Ur-Quattro’ boxes, and seems to generally fit the part. But is is a bit pricey: Ballpark $150,000….

For that $150k or so, you do get some goodies, Most have been lifted from the RS5- as the Chassis is essentially that, but you do get a few unique features. Instead of the Naturally Aspirated 4.2L V8 normally found under the hood, the Quattro Concept gets a hotted up 2.5L 5 cylinder Turbo from the TT RS making just over 400hp, and oddly enough, more torque that the V8 powerplant.
The carbon ceramic brake discs and calipers are lifted from the R8 GT. The most entertaining and unique feature is a new and improved Nav./Multi-Media Interface system, that’ll create and read you pace notes about the road you’re traveling…When it’s safe to do, of course.

Production will be limited, Audi says somewhere inside 1,00 units. Release is scheduled for sometime in 2012.

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Edmund’s Inside Line

Welcome to Remedial Aerodynamics

So, smart enough (and wealthy enough) to boost a Supercar? Great, now feel free to study up on your understanding of Aero and Bernoulli’s Principle, cause right now, your’re doing it wrong:

Perhaps a better mounting location, or a bit more thought into the length of the lines is in order. Thanks Gary Javo for the steady camera work…..Sorry to see UnderGround Racing. 🙁

Panamera Turbo Not Enough?

Don’t worry, there’s hope for you yet!

Welcome, my friends to TECHART and the Grand GT:

I know, the Panamera Turbo has been growing on you, it’s ok. I know you keep thinking “But I could buy a Rapide, or an AMG S class.”. I know you keep thinking that the Panamera Turbo is borderline scary fast for a Saloon, but what if it was just a bit faster?
Can the speed outrun that body? Can you look past the Polarized exterior and see yourself sitting in butt-hauling luxury and overwhelming saloon car performance?

Need a boost? TECHART has you covered with the new GRAND GT. Based on the (obviously) Panamera, TECHART has made some serious changes to woo the Aston crowd.

How about another 80hp or so? Does over 600lb/ft of torque make you think again? Well it should, because this one definitely goes to 11.


Still got your attention?
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Kelly Moss built 1994 World Challenge Porsche 968 Turbo 25L

Best known as the Midwest’s premier Diamond Star Motors (Mitsubishi/Chrysler) tuner, the wizards at AMS have really made a name for themselves in race prep for all manner of forced induction beasts.

Check out this 1994 World Challenge Porsche 968 Turbo 25L belonging to John Ricci’s. This Kelly Moss built race car competes in Porsche Club of America events and various track days.