HOT – Evil Empire Drift Team 2013 Calendar Babes

evil-empire-calendar2013Everyone loves the Evil Empire Drift Supra Girl Video so we thought we’d throw you some more Boobs ‘n Tire Burners courtesy of the Evil Empire Drift Team‘s 2013 Calendar. A new fap every month!

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Evil Empire Drift Supra Girl Video Uncensored

We like fast cars, we like hot girls, we really like hot girls as passengers in fast cars on video. Often times it is difficult to convey the adrenaline, excitement and sometimes terror we get from our cars to the female of the species… until you get them in the car for a ride.

The only thing better than the “Oh-sheeeit” face is when you throw in some lateral G-forces to the blouse-popping extreme. I’m going to go out on a limb here and overlook dissatisfaction with those who choose to go around the track sideways for no good reason and give this video the MissedShift seal of approval.

?????? ?????????? ?? ?????? girl in toyota supra from on Vimeo.


Toyota Supra to return?

Toyota SupraToyota has previously let the trademark on the Supra lapse in 2006, and strangely no one picked that up, but the manufactured has evidently come to their senses and renewed the trademark for the iconic sports car. The reason for the renewed interest in the Supra name may not just be for nostalgia. Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda remarked to reporters that it was his vision “to see the next Supra tested in the near future”. This may be a bit of an optimistic outlook or meant to be a bit of promotion as Mike Michels, VP of external communication, said the trademarked was secured to “make sure we have a lot of latitude to use names in the future.” That sounds to me like the possibility of a resurrected Supra may just be a impostor carrying a Supra badge and not the Supra performance isn’t that far fetched.

What possibilities do you see Toyota applying the Supra badge to? I think the days of a turbo inline 6 may be over, but hopefully something wicked carries on the namesake.