Simbol Design Lavazza GTX-R… What?

The recently released Lavazza GTX-R has been under the gun in reference to it’s styling. Some (rightfully), are calling it an ‘Enzo Wannabe’, and some have more the ‘Pagani/Enzo’ mix take on this one.

In any case, we have a BMW V-12 powered ‘niche’ market Supercar that was, from my best guess, designed by engineers with excellent tracing paper skills. I see Enzo at the front, some Pagani at the back, and in the middle- a cross between a McLaren F1 and a LeMans racer.
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Bugatti Veyron SuperSport Review

I was so excited to see this, then I actually watched it. I still need to brief you lot on the ins and outs of the Veyron, let alone the SuperSport. The engineering in this car is almost beyond comprehension. The planning alone was a massive undertaking… The aero, the brakes, the engine, the cooling, the transmission- all feats in and of themselves. And the Supersport is just that much further over the top.

And then Autocar found a way to bore me a bit with one of the most exciting and incredible cars on the planet:


September 2010 Cars & Cafe

I made my monthly sojourn to the AutoMotorPlex this weekend, in order to attend the Cars & Cafe for September. It was a great time, although it was a little chilly at 8am with fall fast approaching, but that was nothing a sweatshirt couldn’t handle. The turnout was great and I noticed many cars I had not seen before. I’ve come up with a theory after frequent attendance that about 3/4 of the cars that attend are regulars and only the remaining 1/4 are different each month. My theory was blown out of the water this month and it was a very nice treat as some serious machines I had not seen before were on display.

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Interview with Lee Noble about the New Fenix Supercar (Video)

BBC One East Midlands interviewed Lee Noble, talking about his history and latest supercar project, the Fenix, which he is preparing to move into the production phase.

The Leicester-based businessman hopes the Fenix supercar will fill a gap in the automotive market, as an affordable sports vehicle.

How was the ride? Check out BBC presenter Kylie Pentelow’s reaction after a passenger ride in a Noble M12 with Lee Noble.

Renowned designer and engineer, Lee Noble, and his co-director, Chris Murray, formed Fenix Automotive in April 2008 as a launch platform for Lee’s new supercar, due out in the second half of 2010.

During his time with Noble Automotive, Lee created perhaps one of the most iconic low volume supercars of the 21st century, the M12, which put his talents on the map to a global audience and won him a succession of accolades from the motoring media.

Fenix Automotive’s new car will help re-ignite the flame that was lost when the M12 ceased production. And while its design, drivetrain and chassis represent fresh thinking from Lee, the M12’s original purpose – to offer exceptionally high performance and exquisite handling for well below £100k – remains the same.

Supercar Luggage: 2012 Lexus LFA Supercar Custom Luggage

Tumi Luggage for Lexus LFANEW YORK, Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ — Tumi today announced its partnership with Lexus to create a premium line of travel cases customized to complement the look and feel of the 2012 LFA supercar. The dynamic style of the LFA requires a special design of Tumi luggage which will accompany the car in select markets, including the US and Europe. The vehicle identification number (VIN) corresponding with the owner’s LFA will also be inscribed on each bag to complete the exclusive experience.

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