Lexus LFA NE takes the ‘Ring Title

Yep, they did it.

James May would frown upon Lexus for it, but they did it anyways.

The LFA ‘Ring Packaged car posted a lap time of 7:14, taking the title from the Porsche 911 GT2 RS and it’s stellar time of 7:18. This makes it one of the top 5 fastest cars on the infamous circuit.


The LFA NE, or Nürburgring Edition, is a slightly more powerful, more aerodynamic version of the original LFA. Lexus also noted that the transmission has been remapped to shift even faster and power is up by only about 10hp. Seems they’ve made progress in the Aero department. Still curious as to what the ‘Factory’ tire is on this model……In any case, the LFA NE is now top dog in the Production car lap time department.


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Supercar Luggage: 2012 Lexus LFA Supercar Custom Luggage

Tumi Luggage for Lexus LFANEW YORK, Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ — Tumi today announced its partnership with Lexus to create a premium line of travel cases customized to complement the look and feel of the 2012 LFA supercar. The dynamic style of the LFA requires a special design of Tumi luggage which will accompany the car in select markets, including the US and Europe. The vehicle identification number (VIN) corresponding with the owner’s LFA will also be inscribed on each bag to complete the exclusive experience.

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Lexus Allows Purchase of LFA

Just posted on is an article that indicates parent company Toyota will now allow the outright purchase of the Supercar LFA. The LFA was previously announced as only available through a 2 year lease, which was due in one payment of $300,000. (YIKES!) After two years, owners would have the option to buy the car outright.

Now, Lexus has opted to allow the vehicle to be purchased rather than leased, but with that option comes a stipulation: If the vehicle is sold, the dealer has the option to buy it back first, wither at teh price it was sold or the current market value, whichever is lower. If sold outright within that first two years and not offered to the dealer first, the customer would be required to pay the dealer the difference between the purchase price and the actual amount that the vehicle brought. I.E: Bought for $375,000, sold within the first two years to someone other than the dealer, without the dealer being given the option, for $500,000 = Customer owes Dealer $125,000 plus legal fees.

Why you ask? Only Toyota knows for sure, but here are my thoughts:

They did this with the Ferrari F50. It was only available as a 2 year lease when released.
They may be, to some degree, trying to build a base of interest for something later, I think- Short Term Hype/Marketing- What’s odd is that this is also seems to be a ploy to move them to the dealers, as the Dealers have to buy them to sell them ( maybe not enough commitment for dealers?). I think this new ‘set of terms’ from Toyota also may be a move to help get the car into dealers hands (dealer concerns over sales perhaps?), with a bit of a guarantee for sale. – No used ones available. Also, they probably have to invest a good chunk to service them as well. (Nissan GT-R was about $50k in tooling that the dealer had to buy to be able to service the car)- It takes time and some volume to make that money back, even including profits from the sale of the car itself. But who knows……