While you waited for Gran Turismo 5…

Gran Turismo 5 has had an extremely long development cycle, more than double what most AAA video game titles typically have. Gran Turismo 4 was released in North America on February 2005 and many events have transpired in the time between that game’s release and the proposed release date of November 2nd for GT5. Here’s a few highlights from that time frame.

March 22, 2005 – God Of War is released for the Playstation 2. Two more sequels to the franchise have been released to date as well as a PSP title and a high definition remastering of the original two games for the PS3. A second PSP game is being released on the same date as GT5, bringing the total number of games released between GT4 and GT5 to five for the GoW franchise.

March 24, 2005 – Speaking of the PSP, it was released on this date in the US. That system has seen two updates to its hardware and is rumored to have a third in development.

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Best. F1. Simulator. Ever.

Leave it to the Germans to pursue perfection in a methodical and unending fashion. I’d argue with their methods, but it is hard to dispute the superiority of their creation. Under the auspices of “studying how humans experience the sensation of motion” the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics created the greatest F1 driving simulator in existence.

This thing is crazy, it uses a robotic arm supporting the user in a simulated drivers compartment that features force feedback controls. The arm holds the driver about 6 feet off the ground and must offer quite the experience based on the video. Oh, did I forget to mention there is video? Check out the video of this awesome piece of engineering achievement in action after the jump.

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Gran Turismo CE Details

Details for the Collector’s Edition of Polyphony’s upcoming release of Gran Turismo 5 have been announced and fans won’t be disappointed. Well, if they haven’t been disappointed by the endless delays and broken release date promises it’s doubtful they’d be bothered by a sub-par collector’s edition.

The CE will be available for purchase at the price of $99 and you receive quite a bit for your money. Packaged along with the game are a model of a 2009 Nissan GT-R Spec V, a 300-page book on the cars in the game, a GT keychain, and 5 downloadable bonus cars. Those cars are the Audi R8 5.2 FSI, Mercedes 300 SL, M3 Coupe, Lamborghini LP 640, and Shelby 427 Cobra.

The game drops, hopefully, on November 2. My fingers are crossed.

Story via Kotaku