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Car and Driver Blog » Nelson Racing Engines Twin-Turbo 632: The Bugatti Veyron of Crate Motors
Car and Driver Blog » Nelson Racing Engines Twin-Turbo 632: The Bugatti Veyron of Crate Motors $5000+, found by gpinkstoni via Svpply.

Bugatti Veyron SuperSport Review

I was so excited to see this, then I actually watched it. I still need to brief you lot on the ins and outs of the Veyron, let alone the SuperSport. The engineering in this car is almost beyond comprehension. The planning alone was a massive undertaking… The aero, the brakes, the engine, the cooling, the transmission- all feats in and of themselves. And the Supersport is just that much further over the top.

And then Autocar found a way to bore me a bit with one of the most exciting and incredible cars on the planet:


Bugatti 4 Door Nearing Production

Bugatti has dominated the supercar market with the Veyron, coaxing speeds from their car that are unrivaled and shattering supercar performance ceilings. What do you do after breaking numerous records? Break more.

Bugatti appears to be shopping around a 4 door sedan concept to prospective customers named the 16 C Galibier. A basic run down of features the car will sport in its pursuit of records is as follows; 8.0 liter supercharged W16, all wheel drive, carbon-ceramic brakes, 242mph speedo, and 7 or 8 speed automatic transmission. The car has an aluminum backbone that it shares with the Bentley Mulsanne, which combined with aluminum fenders, doors, and carbon fiber front fascia should keep the weight down. Bugatti spokesmen referenced two superchargers working in conjunction to produce the motivation to propel this sedan into the record books. No power numbers were referenced, but the Galibier sports a horesepower gauge similar to the Veyron’s that tops out at 800. The Veyron produces just over 1000 horsepower and has a gauge with a similar number indicating an educated guess at power levels may not be too hard.

The styling is nothing that will be mistaken for understated. The trademark horseshoe grille looks more fitting on this car than the Veyron where it seems to interrupt the styling lines. Interior is nothing short of the extreme luxury a multi-millionaire would expect. There’s enough wood to build a small yacht and enough leather for the gloves of the entire MLB. The rear view is punctuated nicely by the 8 exhaust pipes, which doesn’t seem out of the place when viewed from the perspective of absolute extremes on this car.

Bugatti’s president Franz-Josef Paefgen said that “the Veyron was just the start of Bugatti’s revival. We are sure there will be a market for exclusive, high-end cars, even in the current economic climate. The concept we have shows one way ahead for the marque. There is no decision on production, but the car is going to be sent around the world to gauge reaction from potential clients.” That reaction is apparently favorable as there are murmurs that the car is very near production. The price of admission to this opulence will be a cool 1 million Euros, which equates to about 1.2 million US dollars at this time. A stunning price for a stunning car.

Thanks to Car and Driver for the photos.