Red Bull Racing’s American Vacation – Grand Prix of America NJ

Red Bull Racing has put together this “test run” of the planned Port Imperial Street Circuit in New Jersey (Grand Prix of America). This awesome video helps illustrate the many ways that this new circuit can vault Formula1 in the United States to a level not seen in decades. No “street section” inside a giant oval here.

From the Wikipedia entry on Port Imperial Street Circuit:

The circuit, designed by well-known track designer Hermann Tilke, will run clockwise. The start line is planned to be located next to the NY Waterway ferry terminal, with the pits and paddock located between the ferry terminal and Port Imperial Boulevard. The first sector of the circuit will run along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, designed to allow the cars to race through Port Imperial before climbing the Hudson Palisades along Pershing Road. The circuit will then follow Boulevard East north to Donnelly Memorial Park where it will turn right and descend Hillside Avenue to a hairpin turn adjacent to the West New York sewage treatment plant. The circuit will then return south to the ferry terminal via Port Imperial Boulevard. The elevation change from Port Imperial to the Palisades, some 150 feet (46 meters), would give the circuit one of the greatest elevation changes on the calendar.

According to event organizers, the circuit will consist entirely of existing roads, removing the need to build any sections of circuit exclusively for the race, with the exception of the pit lane.[7] Although the circuit will pass residential areas, residents will not be cut off from their homes; the organizers plan to provide access to the seven affected residences. The organizers further plan to fund the race without any public money.

Here’s some more raw footage of David Coulthard’s actual testing that gives us an idea of what spectating this event would feel like:

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