Evil Empire Drift Supra Girl Video Uncensored

We like fast cars, we like hot girls, we really like hot girls as passengers in fast cars on video. Often times it is difficult to convey the adrenaline, excitement and sometimes terror we get from our cars to the female of the species… until you get them in the car for a ride.

The only thing better than the “Oh-sheeeit” face is when you throw in some lateral G-forces to the blouse-popping extreme. I’m going to go out on a limb here and overlook dissatisfaction with those who choose to go around the track sideways for no good reason and give this video the MissedShift seal of approval.

?????? ?????????? ?? ?????? girl in toyota supra from ee.tv on Vimeo.

via Evil-Empire.ru

23 thoughts on “Evil Empire Drift Supra Girl Video Uncensored”

  1. Nice Boobs. This Is Why You Should Wear A Bra So Your Boobs Wont Flop All In The Camera As If Someone Was Sexing You Hard.

    1. “For being Russian…”

      The $&@# does that mean??? You put Russians in a crowd mixed with any Australian, British or American, Canadian… Blah blah blah… you wouldn’t be able the tell the difference you naive ignorant twat.

  2. wow, very nice video, watched it many times and every time I cannot stop fapping! LOL
    when the car stops and she looks at her tits out, “ooops!” and she just gets out of the car like if it was natural to be topless, in that moment: fap fap fap… ahahah

    1. if you look closely, the only “oops” was that all of the buttons were supposed to pop. She looked down and unhooked the last one, then got out of the car.

  3. Better yet have Manizha Faraday completely nude in the remake of the “Evil Empire Drift Supra Girl Video”

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