Minnesota Cars & Cafe – October 2011

Today was the last event of the 2011 Minnesota Cars & Cafe season held at the Automotorplex in Chanhassen. It was a really surprising way to wrap up the year as it seemed like every known exotic and unusual car made its way to the show. The brisk weather must have warned their owners to the onset of chilly temps, snow, salt and the dwindling chances to drive on decent roads.

The notable cars from the show is pretty astounding, I know there are ones I missed but the ones that stick out to me were the McLaren SLR, a pair of AMG SLS55 cars, 458 Italia, a GT40 kit car with a carbon fiber body, Plymouth Super Bird, signed Shelby Series 1, and a Corvette ZR1.All beautiful cars and I’m a little disappointed that I won’t see them all until spring. Enough rambling about what I saw and I’ll just show you.

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