Project JDMVette: Synopsis

Project JDMVette is complete, running, and race tested but far from over.

Photo courtesy of Chump Car World Series.

Our race team put on a great showing at the Chump Car invitational race at Iowa Speedway. We completed all 25 hours of racing and ended up 19th out of 47 cars after completing over 1,300 laps. Our problems were relatively minor excluding the final hour of the race. The oil cooler in the RF wheel well caught a rock in the final hours of the race. We didn’t have time to protect it with a wire mesh in the last minute scramble to get the car together in time for the race. Simply looping the lines at the motor solved that issue. The motor was also consuming water for some unknown reason, so we had to refill the radiator a couple times in the final hour of the race. We will have to see if the radiator had a pinhole leak or the headgasket went bad and was seeping water into the combustion chamber. The brakes are another area of concern. We are turning way faster laps with the new motor swap and we are exceeding the capability of the stock brakes. The solid front rotors can’t dissipate the heat generated slowing the car from triple digit speeds and become heat soaked in a hurry.

Overall, the car performed extremely well for its first race. An exotic motor swap with zero testing lasting 25 hours in brutal racing conditions is a great building block for a successful racecar in the future.


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