JDMVette: Trackside report

This will be a quick and dirty post as I’m currently sitting in the pits at Iowa Speedway in Newton, Iowa for the National Champion ship race.

The JDMVette survived the first day of racing, 12 hours of abuse in all, with only a few minor issues. The weather was horrendous with off and on downpours through out the day. The rain ended up leaking through the lexan windshield directly onto the fuel relay for the ECU. A makeshift repair of a plastic grocery bag taped around the offending part got us back in business. The air filter sticking through the core support was great for getting cold air, it also ended up being great at ingesting water. A duct tape bridge between the bumper and hood was enough to shield the filter and MAS from most of the water.


Other than those minor issues the car has been solid and has gotten us to 21st place out of 48 cars if I counted correctly. We lost a Tom of ground in the standings because we ran 30 minute sessions for each driver at the beginning of the race instead of the maximum 2 hours. We wanted to ensure every driver had a better chance at driving at least once in case the car blew up in spectacular fashion.

Lastly, I don’t think a Chevette hood was designed with a turbo in mind. The paint was discolored pretty badly after 12 hours of racing.


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