The $20 intercooler I overpaid for

The progress on the construction of project JDMVette continues on. We came up with an unorthodox solution to help keep the motor cool while we flog it around a race track for hours on end. We added an intercooler to help cool the hot air the turbo will be pumping out but we didn’t install it in the usual manner or use the usual materials. This car really limits us on space and the type of racing we’re doing really limits our budget. What follows is how we managed to stay within those requirements and help extend the longevity of our motor in the process.

The Chevette chassis really limited our options for intercooler placement. Most cars use a front mount system to ensure maximum cooling capability from a steady supply of fresh air. We wouldn’t have that luxury as there isn’t any room for the intercooler in addition to the radiator. Seeing other cars, such as Subarus, use a top mount system led us to seeing if that would work for us. Luckily, the cowl area was very similar in size to the beat up intercooler core we had. Body mounts were constructed out of 1/2″ steel tubing to position the intercooler where we needed it.





Once the core was in place, we scavenged the radiator hoses from the drivetrain donor chassis and repurposed them to route the turbocharged air where we needed it.



It’s not an ideal solution but it’s not a bad result of a $20 intercooler and scavenged parts being thrown together.

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