Ghetto Racing Body Kit

We made quite the addition to our Chevette endurance racer this week. I’m not sure you could call what we did an improvement, in fact I think most people would say that it’s probably not anything close to an improvement. We made our own body kit for the car.

Now since this is endurance racing with a $500 budget limit and the car is also a Chevette, we couldn’t just order a body kit made for our car. That meant getting creative. Getting creative in this type of situation usually means finding a part that has dimensions in the neighborhood of what you’re looking for and then cutting, hammering, melting, and mangling it to suit your needs. This body kit was no different. Our starting point was going to be the rear bumper left over from an old circle track car body. Why the rear bumper? That was the only part that wasn’t completely destroyed from the body and it also happened to be the part we got for free from the race team before they threw it in the dumpster.

Now that we had plans to give this rear bumper new life as a front air dam, some modifications were in order. These bumpers are actually two pieces of urethane that are riveted together, so our first step was to drill out those rivets. Once that was done, we used a jigsaw to cut the bumper in half lengthwise. After that, we flipped it upside down to get the ideal shape for test fitting on the car.

Once we were satisfied that it mostly fit, we riveted it on. We also snagged a few side skirts that the circle track team was tossing out and slapped those on the side while we were at it. In true ghetto body kit fashion, we left everything unpainted.

We figure this whole ensemble is good for at least 20 ponies to the wheels, thus almost doubling the power of the 1.6 liters of fury this car is packing. If we’re feeling brave we may slap some stickers on there to add a bit more top end power.

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