See For Yourself If Group B Cars Are Too Fast To Race

Dirt 3 released a new trailer this week, one that inspires nostalgia for a popular era of rally racing.

Dirt 3, developed and published by Codemasters, is the newest release in the Colin McRae series of rally racing games. Most of the marketing to date has showcased the gymkhana segments of the game, a style of motorsports that has gained favor with a younger, flat-brimmed hat wearing crowd.

This new trailer is geared towards a different crowd, one that remembers the era of rally racing that appeared in the documentary Too Fast To Race. That documentary showcased the awesome power of the Group B cars that assaulted every surface they appeared on. This trailer replicates that same brutality those cars demonstrated on the rally circuit.

I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of one of these fabled machines when the game is released on May 24, 2011.

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