Audi Quattro Concept First Drive

‘Anniversario’ – Code name for the Quattro Concept.

‘Sexy’- Code for “I am attracted to this car”.

‘Affordable’- Code for something that isn’t this car.

Audi has been trying to recreate the 1980’s Ur-Quattro hype for some time. Not many cars carry that kind of awe inspiring legacy, and trying to make that happen twice is a feat in and of itself. Have they done it? Hard to say now. The car looks good, is purported to tick all the right ‘Ur-Quattro’ boxes, and seems to generally fit the part. But is is a bit pricey: Ballpark $150,000….

For that $150k or so, you do get some goodies, Most have been lifted from the RS5- as the Chassis is essentially that, but you do get a few unique features. Instead of the Naturally Aspirated 4.2L V8 normally found under the hood, the Quattro Concept gets a hotted up 2.5L 5 cylinder Turbo from the TT RS making just over 400hp, and oddly enough, more torque that the V8 powerplant.
The carbon ceramic brake discs and calipers are lifted from the R8 GT. The most entertaining and unique feature is a new and improved Nav./Multi-Media Interface system, that’ll create and read you pace notes about the road you’re traveling…When it’s safe to do, of course.

Production will be limited, Audi says somewhere inside 1,00 units. Release is scheduled for sometime in 2012.

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