Poor Man’s Car Rotisserie

I needed to finalize the preparation for the roll cage installation but was having trouble welding the bottom of the subframe connectors on the drive on lift. The lift was making it tough to get the welder positioned correctly under the car to run a bead. I fought it for quite a while to no avail. After quitting for the night, inspiration hit. I had remember seeing the build log for a car on the 24 Hours of LeMons forum. The builder was most likely constructing some mishmash of cast off automotive parts and was using a tube frame to keep the big parts from falling off. He must have encountered the same issue so he ended up using a chain hoist to lift the entire frame off the ground to finalize the welding on the car. It looked like a great solution to a problem we had in common. He had one luxury I did not though, high ceilings. I never thought architecture would factor into the building process of our car. Luckily, I only needed to weld a small portion so I only need a small solution.

I ended up bolting a chain to the drilled and welded bumper mounts and lifted the car with an engine hoist. The car was surprisingly light without the drive train and was rather easy to get high enough to create adequate working space. Accomplishing the required welding was far easier and the picture alone was worth a small chuckle. The next step is this build will be to start installing the roll cage structure.

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