Bracing For Impact – Part 1

Before I managed to stop my concerns of falling through the floor of the Chevette by patching the floor, we prepped the chassis for the roll cage. The car body didn’t have enough sheet metal to properly support a roll cage, so we added a subframe connector made out of two inch by three inch square tubing. This tubing would help tie the front and rear subframes together and spread the energy load from a possible crash throughout the chassis. This would maximize the ability of the rollcage to properly do its job and prevent the cage tubing from punching through the sheet metal.

Continue on to follow the fabrication progress.

The floor was marked for where the sheet metal would be removed. I half measured, half guessed what clearance would be needed for the connector.

The first cut was made to the floorpan. The rust already did half the work for me, how considerate.

The square tubing length was cut and I started to contour the ends to fit the chassis.

The front tubing was notched to match the subframe with the plasma cutter.

Once the subframe connector fit in place, it was checked for final fitment before being welded in place.

The connector was then welded to the car, taking care to make sure the car is squarely supported on jack stands. We didn’t want to preload the chassis and alter the weight distribution by warping the chassis permanently.

Here is how the connector ended up looking when it was finished.

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