Best worst idea

Endurance racing crappy cars naturally produces failure at an astonishing rate, so much concern for contingency plans is required.

The thesis for our Chevette racer has been pretty simple, light weight, good handling and simplicity. Power output has been an afterthought as high horsepower engines are actually detrimental and stress the drivetrain and produce a lot of heat that must be dealt with to ensure endurance reliability. Our stock 1.6 liter motor has two digit horsepower output so we are basically immune from any of those concerns. This doesn’t eliminate all our concerns about failure though, failure to pass anyone becomes a valid concern. Passing cars is obviously extremely rewarding and a major source of fun in racing. All of this concern has lead to the best worst idea for our team and the Chevette car.

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Rotary engine.

What could go wrong? The best worst idea of replacing a perfectly functional, if not underpowered, engine with a rotary may sound dumb but I think it’s actually brilliant. It retains the concept of light weight, rear wheel drive and should provide the power output required for passing cars. There is an added bonus of donor cars being readily available within our budget. The most likely motors that would be used are the 12a and 13b motors in the non-turbo flavor. Our car with it’s light weight doesn’t need the power or complication of the turbo motors.

Our team plans on racing our first race with the stock motor to keep things simple and ensure we actually make the race. That doesn’t mean we can’t make contingency plans for failure, as our main goal is to pass cars. Failure to do that will require drastic changes and nothing says drastic like a rotary. Besides….

What could go wrong?

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