Minnesota Cars & Cafe

I’ve been going to the local Cars & Cafe (the Cars & Coffee people in CA complained about the name) for a couple years and I’ve always enjoyed the variety of cars and enthusiasts that show up. It’s always a good time and the car count has grown exponentially in the time I’ve been going. It started at a coffee shop parking lot with 40 cars on a good day, and it’s now held at a sprawling automotive complex with upwards of 200 cars attending on a regular basis.

Make the jump to see the cars that showed up this month.

Today’s weather was a little rough, but it didn’t deter the cars from showing up. The new SLS AMG even drew quite a bit of attention as it sat in it’s garage, protected from the elements. The garages at this complex are a very nice way for their owners to show off a bit. Most are designed as personal show rooms for automotive excellence, while a smaller portion are staging areas for club racers who don’t have space at home. All in all it’s almost the perfect showcase for these cars, with ample paved parking and lots of exotic vehicles already on the premises.

Auto MotorPlex

A few enthusiast groups have taken to car pooling to this monthly event to share in the camaraderie, notably the DMC DeLorean group this particular time. Other notable cars this time were the aforementioned SLS AMG which looked pretty spiffy with it’s gullwing doors open, a Bentley Continental GT classed things up a bit, Ferrari 360 Modena, Ford GT, Porsche 911 Classic, Jensen FF, Lotus Evora, and a RB powered Nissan 280.

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