Best. F1. Simulator. Ever.

Leave it to the Germans to pursue perfection in a methodical and unending fashion. I’d argue with their methods, but it is hard to dispute the superiority of their creation. Under the auspices of “studying how humans experience the sensation of motion” the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics created the greatest F1 driving simulator in existence.

This thing is crazy, it uses a robotic arm supporting the user in a simulated drivers compartment that features force feedback controls. The arm holds the driver about 6 feet off the ground and must offer quite the experience based on the video. Oh, did I forget to mention there is video? Check out the video of this awesome piece of engineering achievement in action after the jump.

I need to start a college and propose a grant to get myself one of these things. This simulator looks way better than Forza or Gran Turismo could ever be. Well, GT5 isn’t out yet so maybe this simulator will be commonplace in homes by the time it does.

Story via PopSci

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