Porsche Panamera throws its weight into touring racing

The brass in Stuttgart are always eager to show that they have designed cars that not only sell but can compete as well. The Panamera has been a new venture for Porsche into a category and a type of car that doesn’t seem at home on the track compared to their other models. Race drivers are supposed to see the competition in their rear view mirrors, not another row of seats. This slight anomaly hasn’t stopped Porsche in its desire to showcase the Panamera’s capabilities. N.Technology entered the 4 door Porsche into the Italian Supercar Touring series, where other V8 powered cars battle it out.

Continue on for details of the first race and video of the Italian Supercar series.

N.Technology is fielding the Panamera S touring car and stuffing a 450hp (I’m sure that’s correct, race teams don’t lie do they?) naturally aspirated V8 in a chassis that has been trimmed from the portly 4,100 curb weight to a svelte 2,900. Once they squared away the car portion of the equation, they enlisted Fabrizio Giovanardi to perform driving duties.

N.Technology’s combination appears to be one that is working nicely, as they secured the pole position at the Mugello race held this past weekend with a time of 1’59.777, the sole sub-2 minute time.

Fabrizio Giovanardi after qualifying:

“We are very happy! Scoring the pole position at the debut race is becoming our trademark! We have worked very well on the set up of the car during the free practice of yesterday and today´s result is the right reward for the whole team who worked very hard to reach immediately this level of competitiveness. We know that tomorrow will be tough, but we are confident to do well in the race”.

That confidence was well placed as N.Technology managed to drive their Panamera to it’s first victory, besting the 2nd place M3 by 2 seconds.

Porsche has long performed well on the track with 2 doors, it appears they have started to expand that heritage to 4 door vehicles as well. The Panamera may not be seen as a sports car by most people, but this victory will go a long ways toward changing that perception.

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