Mercedes CLS Comes Off the Prduction Line For the Last Time.

…In it’s current form.

The last of this generation CLS was rolled off the Mercedes build line recently, ending it’s roughly 6 year run in present form. This is actually one of, if not THE, originator of the recent 4-door Coupe design fad. Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of the look and design of this car when it was introduced, but like a lot of things, it has grown on me. As I’ve said before, virtually anything AMG gets my vote, and the CLS was no exception. Not so sure I can come to grips with the incoming 2012 CLS looks (this sounds familiar, doesn’t it?) I dig the new grills and the emblem in the grill rather than on the hood, but that goes for all of the MB models in my opinion, so I don’t know if that really counts.

Apparently the last car to roll off the line was for an americal customer, who ordered the CLS550 with the AMG styling package (poser), leather and bi-xenon headlights (I though that stuff was standard?!) and a few other odds and ends. In short, nothing special.

2012 CLS Spy Photo:

(courtesy of World Car Fans )

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