9 Speed Gearbox from Mercedes Benz

And you thought 7 was too many. Pfft….

Ok, here’s the thing: I’m all about technology, forward thinking, change and improvements, but this may be a bit too much. I mean, how many is too many?

Mercedes was the company that brought us ABS.
Mercedes was the company that brought us Airbags.
Mercedes was the company that brought us the 7 speed Tiptronic transmission.
Mercedes tends to be a leader in the realm of invention when it comes to cars and technology. As the saying goes: ‘Want to see what will be standard equipment on cars 10 years from now, look at today’s Mercedes S Class’.

But 9 speeds? Seriously, 9 forward gears? Methinks that may be a bit much.

I had the opportunity to drive a Lexus ISF during a car shopping tour with a friend. Honestly, the 8 speed gearbox in that thing was at worst, down right aggravating, and at best, mildly annoying. The car makes great power, it’s fast, It changes gear lightning quick, and the power delivery is almost seamless when wide open. But come back to reality for a bit, find yourself in traffic, stop and go, or between the lights, and you want to start to pull your hair out a bit. The car shifts constantly. You know, like all the time…

I have love for Mercedes, and I lust after just about every AMG model in production. But until I hear or feel otherwise, I’m not sure this is a good idea. 9 speeds is a lot…
Mercedes was quoted as saying that 9 speeds seems to be the max a consumer would accept, and that 10 may not be technically possible. This transmission seems to be destined for the big body cars, and cars with Merc’s large displacement engines. (Please not AMG, please!)

Story, in short, here: EVO News

One thought on “9 Speed Gearbox from Mercedes Benz”

  1. I think most of those issues can be avoided with proper “software”. Take the automatic out of the gearbox and that many speeds could be great for keeping the powerband in the sweetspot or at maximum fuel economy. I’ve never met an automatic that can select gear better than a human, but we do welcome the speed and ease of automatic shifting when on vacation or cruising.

    It could be worse. They could be announcing a new CVT. :yuck:

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